Vegetable Cocktails for Spring Cleansing

Vegetable Cocktails for Spring Cleansing

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  • Spring is the time for cleansing. Winter leaves us usually tired and washed out: our body having missed sunshine and therefore also low vitamin intake. Consequently, if the body is not naturally cleansed, it might be attacked by spring flu or cold.

    Clean your Body and Supply it with Vitamins

    Therefore, with the spring coming, we need food that will clean our body and relieve us both physically and mentally. Although there is a number of ways how to detoxify in the spring, fruit and vegetable cocktails present one of the best solutions, ensuring complete cleansing and providing high vitamin intake.
    Liver, key organ in the spring, can be very well cleaned by means of fresh pressed juices – to be prepared in high-tech juicer. Indeed, spring detox should be made every year, especially if we are aware of our lifestyle having some faults.

    Try Fruit and Vegetables Pick-me-up

    You will need 100 g leaf spinach, 100 g chopped cabbage, 100 g banana, 1 peeled kiwi and ½ orange. Use all ingredients to prepare juice in your juicer.

    Energize Yourself with Ginger

    Use your juicer to prepare juice out of 2 cm peeled ginger, 1 lemon, 1 apple and 6 carrots: a combination that will refuel you with incredible energy.

    Energetic Wake-up

    If you feel to be missing energy for some time and not enjoying your time, try including these cleansing cocktails in your diet. Vitamin intake, body cleansing and sunshine will soon provide you with the necessary energy.


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