Špilberk Food Festival

Špilberk Food Festival

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  • Fourth Food Cup Czech Specials 2014
    In the south-Moravian round was the topic quite obvious. The restaurats had to use the moravian wine as  a part of their dish. Three of south- Moravian restaurants presented themselves on Špilberk Food Festival, which as usually took place directly in Špilberk castle, Brno. The winner of 4th round is restaurant Prominent (hotel Holiday Inn, Brno). The winning dish is slowly baked duck's breast with cinnanon-wine sauerkraut and crackling dumpling.


    Order decided by the Jury:

    1) Prominent Restaurant
    Slowly roasted duck breast with cinnamon cabbage on wine, crackling dumpling

    2) Noem Arch Restaurant
    Boneless duck leg on red wine, red cabbage with orange bits, cinnamon and star anise, fluffy parsley dumpling
    3) Slavia Brno Hotel
    Grilled duck breast on oranges, buckwheat risotto with truffle oil, wine reduction sauce



  • Brno, Czech Republic


  • 06/06/2014 - 08/06/2014


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