Three Great Picnic Tips

Three Great Picnic Tips

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  • Picnic season featuring delicious food, cooled wine and abounding picnic baskets is about to start. We are offering a few tips as inspiration for holiday trips with picnic – indeed, the following places will cater for you as well as your tastes, though nothing will prevent you from preparing your own basket filled with delicacies.

    Our Tips: What to Prepare

    Mini-Wiener schnitzels considered traditional picnic delicacy that will never lose its attraction, there are other meals: if you want to come up with a surprise and offer something innovative, try instead quickly prepared sandwiches with home-made spread and fresh vegetables (recipe available HERE). Prepare in advance your favourite fruit and vegetables, chopped in a bowl and do not forget to end on a sweet note – such as beer batter Strudel and home-made lemonade.

    Our Tips: What Picnic Place to Choose

    Are you looking for a calm relaxing place providing entertainment for your children? Or a romantic spot just for you and your partner or a place for your nature boosting with activities? Our tips address everyone’s requirements.

    1) Liblice Castle – Strolling in the Castle Enclosure

    Liblice Castle provides both accommodation and a great restaurant, being ideal for those preferring eating outdoors to sitting inside a restaurant. Start with visiting the castle and then continue with strolling in the park. Order picnic baskets that suit your needs (between CZK 245 – 790) – including sandwiches, mini-Wiener Schnitzels as well as salads, fresh fruit as well as home-made cakes. Moreover, you can even rent fishing rods, badminton or board games.

    2) Chateau Mcely – Masters ‘s Feasts

    Chateau Mcely provides both top gastronomy and calm shelters in its English-style park –ideal place for those looking for a spot with perfect body and soul harmony. Local picnic offer features picnic baskets for two persons or for the whole family, ranging between CZK 1,190 – 1,870, as well as a wide selection of top quality wines. Come and recharge your batteries in the nature.

    3) Valachy – For Active Picnic Lovers

    Enjoy the beauties of Beskydy Protected landscape with fine food. Before setting for a trip, Spa Hotel Lanterna will provide you with a picnic basket filled with various delicacies (to be carried also on your back as a backpack) picnic blanket and a map featuring the best outdoor picnic places. Two-person menu at CZK 450 comprises local cheese variation, buns with pork crackling, French bread with chicken breast, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and Valašské frgály, popular local pie specialty. Come and enjoy truly romantic dining in the nature.


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