Uplynulé události

26/9. - 27/9. | Karlštejn Grape Harvest

  • This year, even Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, and his court will participate in historical wine festivities.

19/9. - 20/9. | 2015 Prague Castle Grape Harvest

  • On 19 and 20 September, gardens and historical interiors of the Prague Castle will host degustation of Bohemian and Moravian wines.

5/9. - 6/9. | Foodparade – Food and Drink Festival

  • The food and drink festival called “Foodparade” will present more than 20 top restaurants from Prague and its surroundings and more than 25 stands offering delicacies and farm-grown food.

23/8. - 23/8. | Čajomír Fest – Tea Culture International Festival

  • Celebrating tea and traditional as well as modern tea culture from all around the world, Čajomír Fest will be held at Prague Vyšehrad on 23 August already from 5 a.m., when it starts with common meditation.

8/8. - 8/8. | Mělník Degustations (Mělnický košt)

  • Unique get-together of local winemakers from the winemaking area around the town of Mělník, offering local wines degustation.

17/7. - 18/7. | Goulash Feast in Valašské Meziříčí

  • Goulash Feast, organized at football stadium in Valašské Meziříčí between Thursday 17 and Saturday 19 July, invites you to taste more than 30 types of this traditional Czech food.

16/7. - 26/7. | Food from the Nearbouts – Gastronomic Feast in Brno

  • Three weeks in July (16‑26 July) will offer you the possibility of savouring unique three-course menus made exclusively from regional ingredients supplied by the best farmers.

11/7. - 12/7. | Blueberry Feast in Borovany

  • Organized in Borovany municipality on the weekend of 11 and 12 July, the already 11th year of annual blueberry feast will offer its guests attractive programme with a number of culinary as well as cultural events.

28/6. - 28/6. | Honey Festivities in Ořech Bee House

  • Organized already for the 12th time, the traditional Czech honey festivities attract the visitors for stands with honey and other bee-related and honey products, competitions for adults as well as children, tours in walled beehouse as well as honey tasting.

20/6. - 21/6. | FRESH Festival Pardubice

  • The most important gourmet festival in eastern Bohemia will present 15 reputed restaurants competing for East Bohemian Restaurant of the Year title, as well as 10 wine cellars, 20 mini-breweries and regional food producers, cafés and cocktail bars.

13/6. - 13/6. | Trutnov Beerfest

  • Organized in Krakonošovo square in Trutnov, the traditional already 12th year of beer festival will offer draft beer from more than dozen of small as well as large scale breweries (not only) from the Czech Republic.

13/6. - 13/6. | Roudnický košt 2015

  • On 13 June, Lobkowitz Castle in Roudnice nad Labem will host Roudnický košt (“Roudnice Tasting”), an event presenting wines from Bohemia winemaking region.

12/6. - 13/6. | Mini-breweries festival at Prague Castle: “Pivo na Hrad”

  • Unique degustation for all beer lovers offers the possibility of tasting beer specialties from 50 mini-breweries, with a total of over 130 beer types to be tasted in Royal Gardens of the Prague Castle.

6/6. - 6/6. | “Litoměřický hrozen” 2015

  • Organized already for the fourth time, Litoměřický hrozen (“Litoměřice Grape”) offers unique possibility of tasting dozens top-quality wines from Bohemia and Moravia at one spot.

6/6. - 7/6. | 2015 Authentic Wine Festival “Praha pije víno”

  • On the weekend of 6 and 7 June, Prague Troja Castle will host the second year of Authentic Wines Festival called Praha pije víno (“Prague Drinks Wine”).

5/6. - 7/6. | Špilberk Food Festival 2015

  • Špilberk castle in Brno is going to host a significant gastronomical event at the first weekend in June - the 4th year of Špilberk Food Festival is going to take place on 5th - 7th June 2015.

29/5. - 31/5. | Prague Food Festival 2015

  • Organized already for the 9th time, Prague Food Festival is the biggest gastro event of the year and three-day lasting food celebration.

28/5. - 28/5. | Festwine Brno

  • Taking place in Mozart Hall of Reduta Theatre at Zelný trh in Brno, “Festwine” is an exhibition of winners in 11th annual wine competition featuring prize-giving ceremony, attractive cultural programme as well as wine tasting of all competing samples.

28/5. - 30/5. | Beerfest Olomouc 2015

  • Beerfest Olomouc, already 15th annual beer festival organized in Korunní pevnůstka premises in Olomouc, will offer attractive accompanying programme with a wide variety of events including musical performance of Czech as well as international bands, while providing the possibility of tasting about 100 types of top quality beers.

22/5. - 24/5. | FRESH Festival Plzeň 2015

  • Apetit Festival, qualified this year as “FRESH”, is a popular culinary event organized already for the fifth time in Pilsen.

22/5. - 24/5. | Moravia Food Festival 2015

  • Moravia Food festival, fifth annual gastro event, will offer tasting degustation appetizers, soups, main courses as well as desserts prepared in Czech Specials certified restaurants, including: Octárna Hotel restaurant, Vega Hotel in Pozlovice, U Bruna Restaurant, Cukrovar Holešov Restaurant or Tomášov Hotel Restaurant in Zlín.

9/5. - 9/5. | Velké Pavlovice Goulash Festival

  • On 9 May, Velké Pavlovice municipality in South Moravia will host second annual Goulash Festival.

7/5. - 23/5. | Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2015

  • Offering the best from Czech breweries, Czech Beer Festival will take place at Letná Plain in Prague between 7 and 23 May. The event will feature more than 150 top quality Czech draft beers, offering also selected delicacies prepared by Czech wine growers, cooks and bakers.

2/5. - 2/5. | Czech Asparagus Festivities

  • Come and take the chance of tasting asparagus culinary specialties prepared by top chefs, while learning some interesting information about this extraordinary Czech plant.

1/5. - 1/5. | Central Bohemian Beer Festival

  • The premises of Velká Dobrá airport close to Kladno municipality will host already fourth annual Beer Festival offering the possibility of tasting dozen types of beer from famous as well as less well known breweries.

1/5. - 3/5. | PivníFest.cz – Beer festival in Pilsen

  • Besides the offer of 150 beers from 30 large as well as small-scaled breweries, the Festival features a number of breath-taking as well as amusing attractions and competitions with valuable prizes.

24/4. - 26/4. | “Ostrava Flavours Carnival 2015” (Karneval chutí Ostrava 2015)

  • Organized already for the third time, Ostrava Flavours Carnival (“Karneval chutí Ostrava”) will offer rich selection of fine food and drinks, tasting, degustation menu, culinary shows and various gastro specialties.

17/4. - 18/4. | 13th year of Viticultural Litoměřice

  • On Friday 17 April and Saturday 18 April, Litoměřice municipality will host already 13th International Competition and Sales Wine Exhibition, taking place between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. at Litoměřice Cultural Centre and in the premises of local gothic castle.

4/4. - 4/4. | Traditional Exhibition of Wines from Pálava Region in Pavlov

  • Winemakers from Pavlov municipality invite everybody to traditional exhibition of local wines.

4/4. - 4/4. | “Hustopeče Seal 2015” (O hustopečskou pečeť 2015)

  • On 4 April, Hustopeče municipality will host already 11th award-winning ceremony of wine competition called “Hustopeče Seal” (O Hustopečskou pečeť), featuring also wine tasting of awarded wines.

28/3. - 28/3. | “Polívkování” (Soup Fest)

  • Food festival for soup lovers from all over the world! Taking place on 28 March at Hořejší nábřeží (waterfront) in Prague, the Festival will provide a soup tour all around the world.

26/3. - 26/3. | Award-Winning Ceremony “Best Wine Cellar of 2014”

  • Organized by Czech Winemakers Association and National Wine Centre, “Best Wine Cellar of 2014” Competition awards wine cellars based on the quality of wine they produce as well as on their contribution to enhance, develop and innovate winemaking industry.

21/3. - 21/3. | 8th International Eau-de-Vie and Spirits Tasting in Třebíč

  • On Saturday 21 March, Ježkovna Beer House in Třebíč municipality will host already 8th year of international eau-de-vie and spirits tasting.

21/3. - 12/4. | Easter Market at Prague Old Town Square

  • Easter market will bring playful ambiance to the Capital of Prague featuring back-to-roots and traditional symbols.

7/3. - 7/3. | Blatnice Wine Exhibition

  • Wine exhibition in Blatnice Cultural Centre, attracting traditionally many visitors, provides the possibility of tasting mainly young wines from around Blatnice municipality, grown by professional as well as small winemakers.

7/3. - 7/3. | “Letenské prase aneb Zabíjačka v muzeu” (Pig Slaughter in Letná District)

  • On Saturday 7 March, Prague National Museum of Agriculture will host traditional event showing preparation of traditional pig slaughter and featuring small fair, crafts exhibition as well as tasting and sale of meat products, delicacies, wines, spirits and other delicious food.

28/2. - 28/3. | 2015 Wine Festival in Tábor

  • Already 7th year of Wine Festival in the town of Tábor will feature over 36 events including controlled degustations with the participation of top sommeliers and wine-makers, culinary specialties matched with high-quality wines as well as lectures, theatre performances and concerts.

28/2. - 28/2. | Lada-Style Pork Festivities

  • Last day of February between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Velké Popovice Brewery will host already 6th year of traditional pork festivities.

27/2. - 1/3. | Chocolate Festival in Pilsen

  • Between Friday 27 February and Sunday 1 March, visitors to Pilsner Olympia Shopping Centre will have the chance of enjoying sweet days dedicated to chocolate.

21/2. - 21/2. | Shrovetide Festival in Cheb

  • Cheb’s Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad Square invites for Shrovetide feasts featuring mask parade as well as rich accompanying programme.

16/2. - 21/2. | 2015 Beer Festival in Tábor

  • Celebrating already 25 years of existence, Beer Festival in the town of Tábor has become very popular as well as prestigious meeting place for both domestic and international beer brewers.

14/2. - 14/2. | Big Winter Festival of Small Breweries in Oslavany

  • On Saturday 14 February, Dělnický dům in Oslavany will host already third year of winter small breweries festival.

14/2. - 14/2. | 26th Shrovetide Festival “Poberounský masopust” in Zadní Třebáň

  • Shrovetide Festival called “Poberounský masopust” will feature traditional mask parade on Zadní Třebáň village square with “most original mask“ competition.

13/2. - 14/2. | Chocolate Festival in Olomouc

  • On Friday 13 and Saturday 14 February, Šantovka shopping gallery in Olomouc will host St. Valentine’s chocolate and treats festival, offering its visitors the chance of admiring as well as tasting great variety of chocolate products.

13/2. - 13/2. | St. Valentine’s Event called Dining Etiquette with Degustation Menu

  • Do you fancy high-quality gastronomy? Would you like to learn more about dining etiquette or refresh social behaviour principles? You are warmly invited to the event called “Dining Habits with Degustation Menu” organized in Vyhlídka Restaurant in the Lanterna Spa Hotel.

11/2. - 11/2. | Fifth Litoměřice Shrovetide Festival

  • Organized on the square of Litoměřice municipality, traditional Shrovetide bustle attracts visitors for a real Czech pig slaughter, stands with refreshments and craft goods, talks about Shrovetide period as well as a number of competitions both for children and adults.

7/2. - 8/2. | Moravian Smoked Meat Festivities in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem

  • The weekend of smoked meat festivities invites to taste a wide range of delicacies, join eaters’ competition or watch cook shows or butcher’s school presentation.

7/2. - 7/2. | Shrovetide Festival “Lázeňský fašaňk” in Hodonín

  • Organized in the spa premises in Hodonín municipality, the traditional folk event is associated with mask parades, Shrovetide entertainment, traditional bass burial as well as pig slaughter.

31/1. - 31/1. | Liverwurst from Jevišovice

  • “Sýpka” Restaurant in Jevišovice municipality will host public competition in presenting the best liverwurst!

31/1. - 31/1. | Zelofest – Sour Cabbage Tasting in Pohořelice Municipality

  • Organized in Pohořelice since 2002, sour cabbage competition-exhibition called “Zelofest” aims at pointing attention to sour cabbage and making it more popular.

26/1. - 1/2. | Soup Whirlwind – Anděl Pedestrian Zone

  • Would you like to do something for you as well as for others? Start with a bowl of good soup.

23/1. - 25/1. | Chocolate Festival in the Town of Liberec

  • Chocolate and sweets festival, organized between Friday 23 January and Sunday 25 January in Forum shopping centre in the town of Liberec, demonstrates the variety of chocolate types and chocolate use, from pralines and chocolate fountains to chocolate for the beauty sector.

17/1. - 17/1. | Winter Cellar Opening and Sand Digging

  • “Modré sklepy” cellars in Nový Šaldorf municipality (district of the town of Znojmo) will host local wine tasting.

15/1. - 28/2. | Grand Restaurant Festival

  • Festival with self explanatory motto “Do not eat, drink and live wrongly”, associated with gourmet Pavel Maurer, organizer of the event, will offer this year 255 meals, served during the Festival at reduced prices.

29/11. - 29/11. | Open Wine Cellars Day in Pavlov

  • Traditionally held last Saturday in November, the “Open Wine Cellars Day” is a unique chance of tasting wine in all 12 wine cellars of the municipality, offering each of them 8 wine samples.

15/11. - 16/11. | Prague Coffee Festival 2014

  • 15 and 16 November, Hall No. 40 in Pražská tržnice, Holešovice District

14/11. - 16/11. | Grébovka Delifest

  • This year’s already third Delifest Feast will present the best specialties from the Commonwealth. Thus, visitors can be looking forward in particular to Australian and South African wines, lamb from New Zealand, “fish and chips” from Great Britain, Irish and Scotch whiskey ...

13/11. - 15/11. | Gastrofest České Budějovice and 2014 “Český kapr” (Czech Carp) Competition

  • Organized from Thursday to Sunday, this international gastronomy festival will be offering various cook’s shows, baker’s and confectioner’s competitions as well as Czech and Moravian wines presentations and bartenders’ exhibitions.

11/11. - 11/11. | Saint Martin Feast in Luhačovice Resort

  • Between 11 and 16 November, hotels of Luhačovice Resort will host Saint Martin Feast. During these days, all hotels of the Resort will be offering culinary specialties as well as Saint Martin wines.

9/11. - 9/11. | Saint Martin Market in Poděbrady

  • On Sunday 9 November, spa town of Poděbrady invites you to come and taste traditional Saint Martin delicacies. They will be offered on a market with traditional crafts exhibition, held in unique premises of the Castle courtyard.

7/11. - 14/11. | Saint Martin Feast in Brno

  • Organized already for the fifth time, Saint Martin Feast in Brno is a unique eight-day long exhibition of gourmet experiences and attractions, featuring Saint Martin meals, typical regional food and traditions.

7/11. - 9/11. | Beer and Wine Feast in Lysá nad Labem

  • Second weekend in November, Lysá nad Labem municipality will host already second year of Beer and Wine Feast, providing its visitors with the possibility of tasting various types of Czech beer and wine.

5/11. - 8/11. | Grand Jour de Champagne

  • Come and participate in Champagne feast on the biggest festival of this kind in our country. World unique event, Grand Jour de Champagne is every year anticipated by thousands of sparkling wine lovers in the Czech Republic.

29/10. - 29/10. | The Great War from Gastronomy Point of View

  • Discussion subtitled “Culinary Heritage of Imperial and Royal Army and the Great War in our Cuisine” is organized to commemorate the Great War anniversary.

25/10. - 25/10. | Pálava Goulashfest and “Moravian Beaujolais” Tasting

  • On Saturday 25 October, Mikulov Municipality invites for goulash and top young wines degustation.

25/10. - 25/10. | Pork or Fairy Tale Festival

  • Come and experience the ambiance of traditional folk feast!

17/10. - 19/10. | Gastro Food Fest Litoměřice 2014

  • Between Friday 17 October and Sunday 19 October, Litoměřice municipality invites to savour delicacies prepared by local top chefs from Ústí nad Labem Region and to learn from them how to cook from purely Czech ingredients.

12/10. - 12/10. | Street Food Festival Stromovka

  • Stromovka Park in Prague, in particular Tiskárna na vzduchu (premises of Prague exhibition ground Výstaviště) will host “Jídlo na ulici” (Food in the Streets) Festival.

11/10. - 11/10. | Autumn Harvest Feast

  • On Saturday 11 October from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., Borovany monastery by České Budějovice municipality will host an interesting culinary event called “Hody s plody podzimu” (Autumn Harvest Feast).

11/10. - 11/10. | Jablečné slavnosti

  • Přijďte oslavovat česká jablíčka na Farmářské tržiště v Praze.

10/10. - 11/10. | Chef Time Fest

  • Festival subtitled “Cuisine Masters are Coming to Prague” will provide its visitors tasting five-course menus prepared specially for this event. Besides, it will feature rich accompanying programme, including workshops, cooking schools, other special menus or wine tasting.

3/10. - 5/10. | Velké Karlovice Gastro Festival

  • Feast of gourmets and lovers of (not only) Moravian Wallachian cuisine has approached, featuring, as the main item on the agenda, Gastro tour with various regional delicacies and farmers’ market.

27/9. - 27/9. | Podzimní den českého medu

  • Med z různých koutů České republiky, modlitbičky, kachna na medu či medové perníčky.

26/9. - 27/9. | Grébovka Grape Harvest

  • Organized already for the eighth time, Prague Grape Harvest will show its visitors round past and present time of Prague 2 district.

19/9. - 20/9. | Bzenec Grape Harvest in Folk Costumes

  • Organized in Bzenec, town reputed for its wine called Bzenecká lipka, the festival is a follow-up of one of the oldest events of this kind in Moravia.

13/9. - 13/9. | Roudnice Grape Harvest at the Castle

  • This year grape harvest festivity in Roudnice nad Labem will offer not only numerous stands with wine, burčák (partly fermented grape juice), refreshments and historical goods, but also interesting cultural programme...

12/9. - 13/9. | Velké Pavlovice Grape Harvest

  • Important folklore feast and highlight of winemakers year, Velké Pavlovice Grape Harvest offers its visitors two days filled with music, popular culture singing and dancing as well as numerous encounters with wine and burčák, partly fermented grape juice.

7/9. - 7/9. | Čejkovice Herb Festivities

  • Herbs, Tea and Spices Festivities will enable their visitors to discover the whole process of making a tea bag from herbs buying to packaging into tea boxes.

6/9. - 6/9. | Bread Festivities in Slup

  • The first Saturday in September, the Slup municipality in Znojmo region will host 2014 Bread Festivities.

6/9. - 7/9. | Prague Burgerfest 2014

  • Taking place already for the third time, Prague Burgerfest will offer its visitors not only a wide range of juicy burgers prepared by reputed restaurants from Prague as well as other places, but also a rich accompanying programme...

30/8. - 31/8. | IceWine du Monde – International Day of Ice and Straw Wine

  • The castle of Lednice na Moravě will host already 4th year of international wine competition called “IceWine du Monde”.

29/8. - 31/8. | Mushroom Specialties in the Horizont Hotel

  • The Horizont Hotel invites you for unique gourmet event highlighted by great views of the town of Pec pod Sněžkou and picturesque ridges of the Giant Mountains.

22/8. - 24/8. | Mushroom Specialties in the Horizont Hotel

  • The Horizont Hotel invites you for unique gourmet event highlighted by great views of the town of Pec pod Sněžkou and picturesque ridges of the Giant Mountains.

16/8. - 16/8. | Litoměřice Beer Feast

  • Organized in the town of Litoměřice, the already 5th year of Beer Feast will present twenty mini- and medium-size breweries.

9/8. - 9/8. | Mikulov Beer Feasts (Mikulovské pivobraní)

  • More than 70 types of beer will be offered for taste on a beer fair, inviting you to try beer specialties, participate in various competitions and games, savour sausages during a sausage feast as well as listen to rock bands including Horkýže Slíže, Alkehol, Harley, Doga and Gate Crashers.

2/8. - 2/8. | Wine Cellars Opening in Jaroslavice

  • Winemakers from Jaroslavice municipality together with the Quaiss family from the 19th century invite you to Wine Cellars Opening, celebration of Saint Donatus Day.

31/7. - 31/7. | Wine form the Nearabouts: Degustation of Wine from Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem Wineries

  • Moravian wine festival “Wine from the Nearabouts” (Víno z blízka), taking place in Brno, is a series of 10 individual degustations presenting ten major winemaking villages in Moravia.

26/7. - 26/7. | Garlic Festival at the Buchlovice Castle

  • Family event providing entertainment as well as information, Garlic Festival offers the possibility of trying the most curious culinary specialties such as garlic pie, as well as participating in “smelling” competition, knitting garlic plaits or tasting up to 25 garlic species.

24/7. - 24/7. | Wine from the Nearabouts: Degustation of wine from Mutěnice Wineries

  • Moravian wine festival “Wine from the Nearabouts” (Víno z blízka), taking place in Brno, is a series of 10 individual degustations presenting ten major winemaking villages in Moravia.

19/7. - 19/7. | Old Bohemian Feast

  • Organized in Lysá nad Labem municipality on the third Saturday of July, Old Bohemian Feasts will offer the visitors meals and drinks prepared according to historical recipes.

5/7. - 6/7. | Millers’ Feasts in Babiččino údolí

  • Between 5 and 6 July, Rudrův Mill in the municipality of Ratibořice will host millers’ feasts with characteristic historical celebrations of peasants and guilds.

26/6. - 26/6. | Wine from the Nearabouts (Vno z blízka) – Garden Degustation below the Špilberk Castle

  • Ten series of individual degustation events will present ten major winemaking towns and villages. This serie will present 6 to 8 winemakers from the town of Mikulov, each of them offering 6 to 8 best quality wines they make.

21/6. - 22/6. | Appetite Festival in Pardubice – Gourmet Festival of Fine Food and Drinks

  • Famous Racecourse in Pardubice, Agrofert Park, will host the 2nd year of Gourmet Festival of Fine Food and Drinks.

20/6. - 21/6. | Cheese, Fish and Wine in Prachatice

  • Come and enjoy 11th “Cheese and Wine” National Exhibition, as well as 9th “Fish and Wine” Enogastronomy Exhibition.

14/6. - 14/6. | Czech Championship in Sparkling Wine Gathering in Nechory by Hodonín

  • Already 10th Czech Championship in Sparkling Wine Gathering will offer an exciting battle of sommeliers, wide selection of sparkling wines and much more, including an interesting accompanying programme.

13/6. - 14/6. | Mini-Brewery Festival at the Prague Castle

  • Over 140 types of beer at one place. We invite you to visit Střelecká cesta below Queen Anne’s Summer Palace in the Royal Garden, where you can taste beer from ...

6/6. - 8/6. | Mikulov Gourmet Festival

  • You should not miss the celebration of fascinating match between traditional South-Moravian cuisine and excellent Moravian wines that will take place in the most ...

6/6. - 7/6. | Prague Drinks Wine

  • The first year of Prague Drinks Wine Festival (Praha pije víno) offers a unique gathering of more than forty winemakers all over Central Europe with you – lovers of traditional ...

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