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“Ostrava Flavours Carnival 2015” (Karneval chutí Ostrava 2015)

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  • Organized already for the third time, Ostrava Flavours Carnival (“Karneval chutí Ostrava”) will offer rich selection of fine food and drinks, tasting, degustation menu, culinary shows and various gastro specialties. Both days there will be several cook shows with tasting of Czech Specials specialties prepared under the Project called “The Taste of Moravia-Silesia Region” (Jak šmakuje Moravskoslezsko).

    More information: http://www.cerna-louka.cz/akceN_503/v/


  • Černá louka Exhibition Premises, Ostrava


  • 24/04/2015 - 26/04/2015


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