Legal clause

CzechTourism (hereinafter referred to as "CzT") is the owner and operator of the portal (hereinafter referred to as "portal"), which is defined as a group of websites operated at the following domains:


Protection of personal data

CzT respects the privacy of persons who visit the website of the portal. We gather only the personally definable data (e.g. e-mail) which you provide to us voluntarily. We use this data only for the purposes stated where the data was provided. We may occasionally use the aforementioned information in order to contact you with the aim of ensuring your requirements and for the subsequent improvement of our portal

CzT will not sell your data or lease it to any third party. CzT or a credible partner thereof may use data in summary form for statistical analyses of the use on websites. During this processing it is not possible to obtain any personally definable information from this data.

CzT shall store your data securely and protect it against unauthorised persons, misuse or publication. Your data is stored securely on web servers in a monitored and protected environment, ensured by the latest hardware and software data protection systems.

This portal uses cookie files in order to ensure the most precise site visitor statistics. Cookies are text files which the server saves on your hard disk and extends the functions available on the pages or enables more precise analysis of their use. Without regard to the manner of use, cookie files will not gather personally definable information. Should you wish your web browser to refuse these files this will not impair the functionality of the web pages of the portal and its functions.

In the interest of visitors, the pages of the portal may contain a range of references to other websites. The principles of personal data protection described above may not apply on websites not operated by CzT.

Hostile attacks

Any event with the aim of erasing, displacing or altering the contents of the web pages of the portal, with the exception of partners authorised to perform administration of the content, attacks with the intention of delaying or preventing reading of pages or impairing any of its functions, DoS, DDoS or other activity of a similar character shall be considered a criminal offence. In such a case the above information relating to personal data protection shall not apply. The identification data of the offender shall be handed to the police and other bodies without delay.

Guarantee and liability

Neither CzT, any employee thereof, the portal administrator, any employee thereof or co-worker shall accept any responsibility for the content of the web pages of the portal, and shall not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information, graphics, text, references or other materials made available here, and shall not be liable for any special, indirect, secondary or consequent damages, including but not limited to lost income or lost profit which may occur due to the use of these materials. The content is provided without guarantee of any time and is entirely at the user’s own risk.

Protection of copyright

The portal is the work of an author, both as a whole and in its individual parts. Copyright is owned and administered by CzT.
It is permitted to save excerpts from the web pages of the portal on a local computer and to print out copies thereof only for personal, non-commercial use. Any other manner of use, reproduction, adaptation, adjustment, other alteration, distribution or saving of the web sites of the portal in any form and using any means, either in whole or in part, without prior written consent from CzT, is prohibited.

Products and services of partners listed on the web pages, as well as information about them and images thereof, as well as further works, may be protected by further rights of the affected persons. The names and indications of products, services, companies, persons, societies and organisations may be registered trademarks of the relevant owners. Author’s works of other persons may also be found on these web pages.

More detailed information about our rules of personal data processing is here. 


CzT reserves the right to immediately terminate your use to the page or access to this page in the case that it judges that you have violated any of the provisions of this clause or any of the valid legal prescriptions, or in the case that it considers your conduct on the page to be inappropriate or unacceptable.

Reservation of right to amendment

CzT reserves the right to update or amend this Declaration in case of necessity. Any amendments shall be announced on this page without delay.