Kyselo - sour and mushroom soup from Krkonoše Region

Kyselo - sour and mushroom soup from Krkonoše Region
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Preparation time

Preparation time
10 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes

Number of portions



  • 120 g sourdough
    40 butter or lard
    handful of dried mushroom (preferably a mixture)
    300 g potatoes
    1 medium-size onion
    900 ml water
    200 ml milk
    2 eggs
    Fast preparation, hot sour taste and richness in vitamins – those are characteristic features of the queen of soups from Krkonoše region (Giant Mountains). Evidence of its popularity among local people is confirmed by a local saying: “People used to get up with kyselo and go to bed with kyselo”. Basic ingredients are “partridges shot with a hoe”. Don’t worry you do not find them – it is potatoes!


  • Dilute the sourdough with a bit of lukewarm water and let rise for several hours, preferably overnight. Put mushroom and caraway in the pot, add peeled, washed potatoes cut in cubes. Pour in the water, salt and cook until tender. Then add the fermented sourdough mixture and cook. Cut the onion in small pieces and fry on butter or lard, adding it in the soup. Prepare scrambled eggs (the mixture should not be too thick), serving them either directly on the plates or putting them in the soup.
    Side dish:
    In some regions kyselo is eaten with skin-boiled potatoes, in other regions potatoes are boiled separately, then being cut in cubes and added in the soup.

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