Treasures from the Krkonoše Mountains Cuisine

  • Winter is in full swing, with Czech mountains, including the Krkonoše Mountains (Giant Mountains) featuring optimal snow conditions for both winter sports as well as strolls in snowy nature.

A colourful summer river of lemonade

  • Although people drink lemonade all year round, they are most frequently consumed in the summer. Different kinds of “natural” and “homemade” lemonade have been appearing in households, restaurants, swimming pools and different sales locations throughout the summer.

Spring herbs and their use in the kitchen

  • Strolling in spring nature with bursting buds all around and the sunshine getting stronger is great opportunity to pick up some herbs and use them in fresh spring delicacies.

Charming Taste of the Jeseníky Mountains

  • One of the most beautiful Czech mountains, the area of the Jeseníky Mountains attracts their visitors for its charming, nearly virgin-like nature, picturesque while also tough.

Beer as Ingredient for Cooking

  • Besides tasting excellent cooled and draft in a dewy glass, Czech beer can be great in hot and cold cuisine, suitable for a number of meals using its velvety, bitterish taste to make the meals smoother and adding curious flavour.

Culinary Tricks – Peeling, Frying, Salt Seasoning

  • While some people try to shrink their time in the kitchen to minimum, others take cooking as leisure activity, relaxing time for their brain with no need to hurry.

Rhubarb and its Use in the Kitchen

  • Leafy vegetable, rhubarb has been widely used as cooking ingredient, most often in sweet dishes. Its leaf stalks (petioles) are of green or pink to red colour, fresh smell of herbs and when cooked, they feature original sweet-and-sour taste.

Prague beer trail

  • Mlsnej Kocour, Novoměstský pivovar, Pivovar U Fleků, Malostranská pivnice, Kláštěrní pivovar Strahov | Route length: 5.7 km | Duration: 1.25 hod + 5 hod (with consumption)

Try and Enjoy Czech Asparagus

  • The season of Czech asparagus, king of spring vegetables, is in full swing. This fine and charmingly tasting delicacy takes your prepared specialties into another dimension, being at the same time very healthy and, since Ancient Times, has been used as ...

Three Great Picnic Tips

Beer Festival in Pilsen

  • On the first weekend of May, Pilsen will host traditional independent beer festival called “”. The event will take place in Inwest, premises of the former culture centre, and therefore will definitely not be missed by any visitors to Pilsen.

Vegetable Cocktails for Spring Cleansing

  • Spring is the time for cleansing. Winter leaves us usually tired and washed out: our body having missed sunshine and therefore also low vitamin intake. Consequently, if the body is not naturally cleansed, it might be attacked by spring flu or cold.

Delicacies to be prepared from Easter eggs

  • Easter leaves many families with too many hard-boiled eggs. “What shall we make with them?” Such a question arises every year. Apart from popular egg spread, eggs can be used in a number of other meals, often enhancing our festive menu.

Beginning of Feast Period – Traditional and Magic Meals

  • Easter, most important Christian as well as pagan holiday, with its traditional customs and rituals, is also associated with a number of both sweet and salty dishes. Indeed, forty-day long fasting is followed by the period ...

Week of Slovak Cuisine in Bukovanský mlýn

  • Located on top of a hill between Bukovany and Ostrovánky u Kyjova municipalities, Bukovanský mlýn Hotel attracts its visitors with wonderful ambiance.

Farmers Market Offer More Than High-Quality Local Fruits and Vegetables

  • Recently, towns and cities regularly host markets selling fruits, vegetables, meat and meat products, cheese, dairy products, bread, sweet and salty pastries, juices, wine and other delicacies.

2015 Wine Festival in Tábor

  • On Saturday 28 February, the Palcát Hotel in Tábor will launch 7th traditional wine festival. Scheduled for the whole March, the Festival will offer more than 30 different events connected with wine.

Salads Made of Root Vegetables: Vitamin Intake (not only) in Winter

  • Vitamin intake is necessary also in winter, mainly through consumption of various fruits and vegetables. Therefore we provide you with some tips for easy and delicious salads made of root vegetables, to be eaten ...

Traditional Shrovetide Feasts

  • Time of feasts and entertainment featuring dancing balls and pork festivals, Shrovetide or Carnival season runs between Epiphany, 6 January and the beginning of 40-day Lent before Easter.

Czech Cheeses Inspired Abroad

  • Czech cheese production, though incomparable with “cheese giants” including France, the Netherlands or Italy, also takes pride in several cheeses that captivate your taste.

Cooking with Buckwheat: Kontrabáše from the Wallachian Region and Tasty Pancakes

  • Though often neglected in Czech cuisine, buckwheat is very tasty and even healthy, among others it decreases cholesterol levels and is gluten-free. It can be used in a wide ...

Enjoy Brno Festival “Víno z blízka” (Wine from the Region)

  • Organized in the city of Brno, Moravian wines festival is an ideal event to get you in Christmas mood. On Saturday 6 December, restaurants and wine cellars both in historic underground premises ...

Czech Coffee Culture on the Rise

  • Though gradually improving in recent years, coffee culture still suffers from fundamental lack of knowledge in a number of Czech restaurants and cafés, which is demonstrated by their putting wrong coffee names as well as incorrect coffee preparation.

Gardens Yield Vegetable Harvest

  • In October Czech gardens yield various kinds of vegetables, mainly cabbage and greens.

We have tasted Prague with Eating Prague Tours

  • Are you coming to Prague for a visit and are you a fan of gastronomy? Would you like to find out the specifics of Czech cuisine and learn more about the Czech Republic? In that case, the Eating Prague Tour is the right choice for you!

Gastro Food Fest Litoměřice 2014

  • Organized already for the second time, this food lovers’ feast will take place in the picturesque city centre of Litoměřice from Friday 17 October to Sunday 19 October.

Discovering the Secrets of Cuisine (Not Only) from Moravian Wallachia

  • Velké Karlovice Municipality in Zlín Region will host already 6th year of “Karlovský Gastrofeast”.

Sweet Corn – Freshly Harvested Delicacy

  • Variety of maize with high sugar content, freshly harvested sweet corn is full of juicy kernels of intense yellow colour.

Potato Feast in the Vysočina Region

  • The upcoming weekend 20‑21 September will host a unique event celebrating one of humankind staples. Organized in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem Municipality in Eden Centre, the already second year of ...

Food Parade Gastro-Festival Offers once again Savouring Programme

  • First weekend of September (6‑7 September) various delicacies can be smelled in the gardens of Troja Castle, prepared on the occasion of Food Parade food and drink festival.

Czech Gardens Fruity Jewels with Slightly Sour Taste

  • Found rather frequently in Czech gardens, these fruit bushes are all rich in vitamins (mainly vitamin C) and can be grown really easily. 

Luhačovice Invites to Gourmet Festival

  • On Saturday 16 August, visitors of the spa town of Luhačovice might smell various local traditional delicacies, presenting meals from the past until present.

Mikulov Invites for Gastro Specialties and, exceptionally, also for Beer

  • Surrounded by vineyards and therefore reputed for producing great wine, the picturesque South Moravian town of Mikulov invites this time for beer, hosting Mikulov Beer Festival (Mikulovské Pivobraní).

Russula – Frequently Neglected Decoration of Czech Forests

  • Recent heavy rains have brought the much needed moisture, a piece of news passionate mushroom pickers might find promising to get first “generous harvest”.

See Wine from the Nearabouts

  • Wine from the Nearabouts (Víno z blízka) Festival, held in the city of Brno, is a unique series of ten degustations which present ten major winemaking municipalities in Moravia.

Sunshine-Lit Fruit

  • Coming probably from China, apricot trees, yielding drupes of yellow to orange colour, are frequently grown in warm and sunny areas of the Czech Republic, mostly in southern Moravia.

Borovany Invites to Blueberry Feast

  • Borovany Monastery, located close to the town of České Budějovice, will host a feast dedicated to purplish-blue berries – blueberries.

Fait and Delicious: Taste of the Jeseníky Mountains

  • “Taste of the Jeseníky Mountains” Gourmet Festival (Chuť Jeseníků) is organized as a co-project of top restaurants of the region, involving seven restaurants selected based on their quality certifications or positive assessments of their guests.

Feast with Unique Taste and Smell

  • Loštice, central Moravian town in Haná region, renowned especially for the production of a special type of smelly cheese “Olomoucky tvaruzek”, will host already 19th year of annual festival dedicated to music and this typical cheese.

Red Radish – Zesty Taste Full of Vitamins

  • June is the peak season of Czech-grown red radish. Widely used raw in cold meals though found in some hot meals as well, this attractive root vegetables is a great source of vitamins, minerals and acids.

Czech Strawberry Season Has Started!

  • Warm weather of recent days is welcoming news not only those fond of trips (both hikers and cyclists) but also those fond of fruits, especially cherries and strawberries.

6/6. - 8/6. | Špilberk Food Festival

  • The final round of the spring part Food Cup Czech Specials 2014 has been completed. We know the last participant of our grand final.

24/5. - 25/5. | Gastronomic festival of M. D. Rettigová Litomyšl

  • We know the third member of our grand final Food Cup Czech Specials 2014! Congratulations to restaurant U Kolji.

17/5. - 18/5. | 4th Appetite Festival Pilsen

  • The third weekend in May enjoyed the fans of delishes food and drink the Apetit Festival in Pilsen. We have found the winner of second round of Food Cup Czech Specials 2014.

3/5. | Food Festival Karlovy Vary 2014

  • We have found the winner of first round of Food Cup Czech Specials 2014.

Summer Barbecue – do we have to marinate the meat?

  • In the Czech Republic, barbecue and marinade are nearly synonymous. However, is meat marinating really necessary? We have examined it.

Make your Potato Salad a bit Different This Year

  • Potato salad, really traditional and nearly irreplaceable part of Czech Christmas, is in most families eaten for Christmas dinner, accompanying traditional fried carp or Wiener schnitzel.

Christmas Specialties Inspiration

  • Apart from various folk customs, traditional Czech Christmas is associated with a wide range of culinary specialties. Besides classical Christmas Eve dinner composed of fish soup, fried carp with potato salad ...

Favourite Czech Ice Creams

  • Undoubtedly, summer is associated with ice cream – frozen delicacy. What do you think of when hearing: typical Czech ice cream – scooped, whipped, packed in cone or an ice-cream bar?

Favourite Desserts with Afternoon Coffee

  • Nearly all families have favourite recipes or less common varieties of traditional desserts and transmit them from generation to generation. Below you will find tips for two great desserts ...

Pumpkin Use in the Kitchen

  • Besides being a nice decoration and a colourful symbol of the autumn, pumpkin contains lots of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene, as indicated by its orange colour.

September, Month of Wine Celebrations

  • In September, grape wine matures, starts to be harvested and, consequently, wine processing begins. Wine, delicious beverage people discovered and grew addiction to already several thousand years ago, deserves to be celebrated, as well as do people putting all their love and care to produce it.

Traditional Autumn Fish Pond Harvesting

  • According to autumn tradition, Czech and Moravian ponds yield their harvest, providing every year hundreds of tons of fish. Obviously, this year will be no different.

Autumn Creamy Soup – A Warming Delicacy

  • Even though autumn with its beautiful colours can be surprisingly mild, first freezing days might as well occur, making your fingers numb and your nose running.

Czech Wedding – Traditional and Modern Styles

  • Closely connected to fine food and drink, Czech wedding ceremony is traditionally followed by a wedding feast, usually reserved for family members and close friends.

South Bohemian Cuisine Specialties

  • South Bohemian Region, featuring the largest Czech pond founded by Jakub Krčín, is famous not only for plenty of fish and great beer from local breweries. Indeed, traditional South Bohemian cuisine is also attractive ...

Traditional Specialties from the Šumava Region

  • The nature of the Šumava Mountains (Bohemian Forest), inviting in winter mainly for downhill and cross-country skiing, is no less attractive than local cuisine. Should you come to this area, do not forget about ...

What is prepared for New Year Lunch? In the Czech Republic, Definitely Lentils!

  • On New Year’s Day, the Czechs typically eat lentils, believing that a lentil dish, be it a soup or a side dish, will ensure money for the upcoming year. The origin of this myth is unknown ...

Traditional Czech Liquors

  • Renown particularly for great beer and high-quality Moravian wines, Czech Republic produces also a number of liquors and alcoholic beverages popular even in distant foreign countries.

How many varieties of Christmas pastries should be prepared?

  • Czech Christmas traditions include among others Christmas pastries baking and eating. While some families prepare only a few varieties of their preference, others make them in large quantities and varieties.

Where to Taste Dark Beer?

  • Even though most of Czech beers that can be purchased in shops or tasted drought in pubs are lower fermented pale lagers, the less numerous group of semi-dark and dark beers should definitely not be neglected.

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