Czech Soup not only a Dish but also a Cure

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Czech Soup not only a Dish but also a Cure Czech cooks are masters of cooking soup. You are in Czech cuisine and a long tradition of a strong position, which was once the cooking practically elevated to art. Soup is undoubtedly an important chapter in the traditional Czech cuisine. The garlic soup broth, Czech soups are extremely good and almost reached the magical effects.

Soup is the Basis, our Grandmothers Say

In more explicit terms, soup is the basis of a real valuable meal, preparing our stomach for the main course and adding to the palette of flavours tasted while eating. Soup can warm you up on a cold winter day or help heal when you have a cold.
Potato soup with mushrooms ranges among the most popular Czech soups. It is prepared with vegetables and potatoes cut in small pieces, together with mushrooms. First of all, stir fry the onion, add some garlic and flour to prepare roux, pour water or bouillon, put in vegetables and mushrooms and cook it. For seasoning, do not forget marjoram and bay leaf.
Other soups prepared in different versions all over the country include kyselo (sourdough and mushroom soup) or kulajda. The latter is a thick white-colour soup made from potatoes, cream and mushrooms, often enriched with egg and seasoned with vinegar and chopped dill. Preparation of this filling delicacy takes you only 30 minutes.

Hen Soup Ideal to Warm You up in Winter

When you are freezing in the winter or when a disease weakens you, “home made” hen soup will help you. It will warm you up and provide you with some energy. Cook small pieces of hen in water, when half-cooked, add chopped root vegetables and cook to get the meat tender. Cook noodles in salted water and add them in the broth.
Soup with fresh vegetables and good-quality meat is a delicacy that is offered even in luxurious restaurants. To taste real Wallachian kyselica (sauerkraut soup), we recommend visiting Staré časy Restaurant in Horní Bečva.

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